Liz Norton, Chief Operations Officer

  • Human Resources

  • Operations

  • Customer Service

  • Day to Day Operations

  • Works with CFO

  • Right hand to CEO

Monica Drolet, Director of Events

Clotie Wayland,

Director of Behavioral Health

  •  Develop and administer Marridate   Therapist Certification process.

  •  Ensure and maintain program objective

  •  Provide training and development in behavioral area for both Marridate staff and clients.

  •  EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for   Marridate corporation.

Rosalyn Jorden, Creative Media Director

Christine Wander

Chief Financial Officer

  • Corporate Programs

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Company Treasurer

  • Business Development

Jerry Brooks JD

General Counsel/Controller

DeDe DeMayo

Concierge My Travel

Exclusive Travel Agent of Marridate



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