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Amber was asked what her mission in life was and she said "to cure the divorce rate". After 2 decades of working with singles, creating new dating trends that garnered much publicity, Amber has been coined the "Innovator" in the singles industry. Simply put, she is taking what she has done to secure her matchmaking clients stay together, and bringing it to the masses.

She is focusing on the whole experience of marriage. Mental health, Spirituality, Goals, Romance, Fun, Friendship and Adventure and offering a huge resource to ensure couples stay together! 

One of the biggest things she wants to stress is how important it is to be around people that support your relationship, not try to destroy it. You have to be careful who your friends are when you are married.

After working with singles for so many years, she determined that most people, married or not, have to pick between a socializing budget and travel budget. Amber is creating a reward based membership for members with free travel (only pay taxes/fees) when you pay in full, refer a new member, host our events, renew your membership or upgrade it. 

Amber has made it very clear that she does not want sales people, hard closing or memberships that are not able to be cancelled easily once you get what you came for. You can cancel your membership with a 30 day notice. This is meant to be a resource to help couples stay together and break generational curses.  




I knew that Amber matched couples for a living, so I thought, she must know what makes them work, and so when she offered to help my wife and I fix our marriage, I listened. I sure am glad I did. She figured out what the real problem was in our marriage and so thanks to her, my wife and I stayed together! Thank you Amber, you rock! 

-Christopher B.

Amber matched me to my husband. Even though I would give her a A for effort, we both had baggage we brought into our new relationship with each other. Amber stayed involved with us as a new couple, until we worked out the kinks! Thanks Amber, you helped us get past our past and now we have a bright future ahead! 

-Sabrina B


  • Professional Comedian

  • Certified TV Producer

  • Certified Techinal Director

  • Relationship Expert for the News

  • Producer -Sports Wrap Talk Radio

  • Talent - Sports Wrap Talk Radio

  • Produer/Host Matchmaker Hotline Podcast/Radio

  • Executive Producer The Matchmaker Hotline

  • Public Relations - Becoming Houston Tv Show

  • Cast/Talent - Becoming Houston

  • Public Relations - Beyond Basketball

  • Public Relations -Allstar Motivators

  • Public Relations - Team Havok ABA Basketball (semi-pro team)

  • Public Relations - Mr. Wonderful Pageant - We See Abilities

  • 11.11 - Amber Lowe Day in Houston

  • State of Texas Resolution Award

  • Congressional Award of Excellence

  • Houston Heros Award - Shell Oil

  • Mayor Turner Perseverance Award

  • Integrity in Journalism Award 

Amber's  Credentials include:

  • 20/20 with Barbara Walters

  • The Tonight Show



  • The KUBE Channel 57

  • Local News Channels 2, 11, 13, 26, and 39 News Fix

  • The

  •  Houston Press

  • Houston Now,

  • The Real Housewives of Houston Magazine cover

  •  Great Day Houston

  • The Houston Chronicle

  • Digital


  • She Knows Magazine

  • Incline Magazine

  • In Style Magazine

  • Before It's

  • COEUS Magazine

  • Alive Magazine

  • Author "How My Kitty Betrayed Me"​

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