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MarridateTM is Private Social Club/Event Planner for couples only as well as a private social club that is invitation only. We allow you to attend 10 events before screening for membership is required! 
Join the movement to cure the divorce rate, spice up your relationship and make friends with other like minded couples! 
We live in a world where singles approach marriage as if they will just get a divorce, versus try to work it out.
Not only do we want to cure the divorce rate, we also want to help you every step of the way on your amazing journey to love.
We will be your full concierge service event planner to put together your date nights, group events, workshops, retreats and International get-a-ways. 
MarridateTM is the only private social club with travel incentives that comes with membership. 

It is very empowering for couples to have a place where they can get everything they need to make their relationship/marriage strong and keep the romance alive! 

Marridate is putting the DATE back in MARRIAGE and curing the divorce rate, one couple at a time! 

Inquire today! 


Your Greatest Self.


In addition to our great events, workshops, classes and vacations, we offer individual services to help you with: 


  • Communication in your marriage

  • Healing your inner child workshops

  • Ladies night out

  • Guys night out

  • Therapy sessions

  • Spiritual guidance classes

  • and Many many more...




Gay Couple with their Son
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#1. You begin to feel apathy …

… for the marriage and for your spouse. You feel your love for your husband or wife disappearing, not because you feel angry or hurt, but because you feel nothing. If the flames have turned to embers and the embers are burning out, your relationship is definitely at risk. 


#2. You're negative about your spouse. 

All your conversations with friends and family members about your spouse are negative. You find yourself focusing on what your spouse does wrong and have difficulty identifying what your spouse does right. You only seek out friends and family who agree with your point of view and validate your negative feelings.



#3. You begin to avoid being home with your spouse.

You find yourself making plans with friends, having drinks with colleagues after work, or worse, having an affair. If you are spending all your free time with others with the intention of avoiding your spouse, you have already disengaged. At this point, you may prefer to avoid the marital issues rather than address them. This will definitely lead to the relationship's demise if this behavior continues.


#4. You fantasize a lot about being single and on your own.

While it is normal to fantasize about what it would be like to be single or with another person every now and then, if you are doing this on a regular basis, you may have one foot out the door and are preparing the bring the other foot along. Remember, thoughts precede action and you can talk (or think) yourself into a divorce before you know it.


#5. You have a "light bulb" moment.

And that lightbult tells you you've been tolerating a marriage that simply does not work. In fact, you believe that you have kept yourself in a situation that is not good for you and conclude that this is no longer acceptable. You feel committed to your well-being and will no longer accept disrespectful or abusive behaviors. When the light bulb goes on, the marriage needs to change NOW or you will gather the strength to leave.


Most people hang in there until the bitter end. They hold on to the hope that something will shift and the marriage will be saved. No one wants a marriage to end. It's painful. Some marriages really do need to end. But many do not. If you identify with any of the signs above, you need to act now. Don't wait. You are at the brink of no return. Getting the right help with the right person can make the difference. Act now.




Only State Licensed Therapist will be vetted through Marridate Marriage & Family Therapy to become a Certified Marridate Therapist.

They will be trained and indoctrinated into the Marridate process and philosophy.


The Therapist role will be to assess and evaluate Marridate clients to designate appropriate activity level.

During initial screening to join the social club, the Therapist will evaluate and determine where the couple is at on their journey.


We don't want our super happy couples affected by couples that have a lot of work to do, therefore, we will create a custom road map for the couples to create success in their marriage.

This can result in a referral for counseling by a Marridate Therapist.

Some couples are happy and  don't need much help other than just making friends with other fun couples, especially when you are new to the area!


We are your one stop resource to help you stay together!  

You may attend 10 events before screening and membereship is required! Just sign up on the "events" tab now! 

Gay Couple on their Wedding






Science points to a very easy way to be happier, have less stress, reduce your risk of dying from cancer and heart disease, and potentially live longer: Simply get married. Research overwhelmingly shows that married men are both mentally and physically healthier than single guys and, as a result, tend to outlive them.


"The differentials between married and unmarried men are pretty remarkable in terms of overall health and life expectancy," says Susan Brown, co-director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Here's the proof: Last year, Harvard University researchers found that married people were significantly more likely than unwed folks to detect prostate, lung, colorectal, and other forms of cancer in their early stages and to get treatment for the disease. The study also showed that married people were much less likely than singles to die of cancer.


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