People are being relocated all the time for new opportunities. Let us help your employees plant roots and save you the 2.5 x the annual salary of the employee, moving expenses and training  that it cost to train each new employee.Sign them up for the only Private Social Club/Activity Planner just for couples!

RELOCATIONS: People move to a new city with their spouse all the time. Yes, your company pays for the move, maybe a salary for the spouse or even a driver and maid. What about the friends they need so that they won't be stressing your employee,because their spouse is their entire social life when it is the only person they know it a new town! It's stressful enough for your employee to make a job transer without the added stress from their spouse. 


EVEN IF THEY ARE FROM THIS CITY: It is a great way to bring a healthy, balanced life for your employee. They will be happier in life, at work and guess who wins? You! 


This way, by offering Marridate as a company perk, your bottom line will flourish.


You are now offering a solutions for the couple to find friends, learn their city through our events (even if you are a native to the city, because the city is so spread out that most people only live and work in a certain area of Houston and so you now provide your employee's spouse a way to make friends and plant roots so that you don't wind up losing money when the couples relocates back

"home" only because they never planted any roots in their new city. 


Help your employees have the balance they need to shine at work!  


Many companies seek to be the "best place to work", so be 1st in line with this new perk! 


A happy employee is way more productive. 

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